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Buildmix Grout - Self-flowing, non-shrink grout on Cement Base
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  Buildmix Grout is a cement based ready-mixed mortar, with high self-leveling, self-leveling, no shrinkage


High flow, self-leveling floor;
Stable on good size.
High strength and early gain, accelerate construction.
Easy to apply, simple mixing with clean water. Impact resistance, vibration.
Easily fill complex voids.
High density, good size stability.
Can withstand heat up to 1000C


   Buildmix Grout Used in the following items of installation and repair:

Create flat surfaces of concrete floors for laminating, tiling or other coatings;
Machine foundation.
Rail pedestal.
Bolt positioning.
Pillows and girders.
Pores in concrete.
Repairs need high intensity.

Product information

Form  Powder.

Color  : Grey.

Specification  : 25kg/bag.

Shelf life             : 06 months when stored well


User manual
Surface preparation

Concrete surfaces must be clean, solid, chiseled off of adhesives, dust.
The metal surface must not rust, grease.
Absorbent surfaces must be completely saturated, but no standing water.
With the construction surface of mortar layer of thin Buildmix Grout less than 5mm, it is necessary to use Buildmix Latex-cemented connection layer to avoid separation.


Mixing ratio (to the point where the consistency can be melted): Buildmix Grout: Water = 1: 0.12 (by weight), equivalent to 3.25 clean water for 25kg bags.        
The dough is slowly added to the pre-quantified water to suit the desired consistency. Mix with a necessary electric mixer with a low mixing speed (maximum 500 rpm) for at least 03 minutes until smooth, viscous.


One bag of Buildmix Grout gives about 13.10L of mortar - the equivalent of 76 bags for 1m3 of mortar.


Pour mortar after mixing, pouring from one side, ensuring no air is trapped in the mortar. When pouring grout into the base, the pressure column must be maintained to keep the flow of grout uninterrupted. Make sure the formwork is firm and watertight. For optimum expansion effect, apply mortar as quickly as possible.         Pouring liquid mortar into large holes of large volume: depending on the volume to be filled and the thickness of the gap, it is possible to add large and small aggregate to the mortar Buildmix Grout at a rate of 50% -: - 100% by weight of Buildmix Grout flour. For bottoms, it is also necessary to saturate the water first.         For self-leveling mortar application, proceed to grout while the HT Latex adhesive layer is still wet. Use a serrated rake to create the required mortar thickness;         Keep hydraulic pressure to keep mortar flowing.


  Keep the visible mortar surface as small as possible and protect it from premature water loss by conventional curing measures (moisture, heat covered with wet cladding, use curing compound).


Health - Safety – Environment

Avoid contact with food and utensils.
Avoid prolonged contact with skin. In case of contamination wash thoroughly with water. If contact with eyes and mouth, wash with clean water and seek medical attention immediately.
Wash construction equipment and tools with water immediately after application, before the material set. Do not place product in drains or watercourses but must comply with local cancellation regulations.

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